Mommy Mayhem: Finding the Little Blessings

Mommy Mayhem

Mommy Mayhem is a blog series leading up to Mother’s Day 2013 meant to encourage and bless women as we experience the good and bad chaos that comes with being a mom.  This series has many guest blogs from women in many walks of life: stay at home moms, working moms, moms with grown children, and moms with young children. My request in this is that my readers use  the comment section to bless woman with encouragement and blessings. These woman aren’t professional writers, they are just like you (and me) women simply sharing their journey! If you like, feel free to share and bless other Mom’s experiencing the mayhem of life!

By Talitha Ernst

Raising three boys, what an honor!  This thing called motherhood has been the learning curve of a lifetime and it’s only been three and a half years (okay, 4 if you include the time this journey began with my first pregnancy). I never anticipated being the mother of three boys, each only 18 months apart.

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 9.19.05 AMI grew up with three sisters and had a hard time wrapping my mind around raising even one boy; it seemed so um….alien to me.  So when God, in his humor, gave me three boys, you can bet it’s been an interesting ride; thank goodness for my Encyclopedia on All Things Masculine: my Husband (Yes, he deserves the capital H; what a Hunk!). There has been more than one occasion when I sheepishly asked my Husband for his insight, one of which was potty training (I mean, come on people, initially, do those little fellas…sit or stand? What kind of toilet training seat do you buy? Oh, you mean some seats have “pee shields”?! Brilliant!)

Though this journey was not what I used to daydream about, it is no less amazing, actually it has surprised me at how perfect of a fit it is for me.  These boys captured my heart and moved right in. I have concluded that if God never gives me a girl, I won’t feel cheated in one smidge (though if He does send a stork with a she, I will happily dress her in miniature sun dresses and patent leather shoes).

So what do I love about raising my boys? Listen up ‘cause as a momma, I’m hoping you’ll be able to relate, boys or no boys:

I love their snuggles, even when they’re sweaty and their room smells like “The Pride” (as my husband so accurately describes it).

I love their giggles.

I love watching them discover new things.

I love witnessing their skills grow: from mega blocks, to duplo blocks to large legos (We’re not at the mini lego stage, thank goodness. I’m not looking forward to stepping on those in the middle of the night!).  My middle monkey is learning to talk and it IMG_1693makes me smile on a daily basis.

I love their enthusiasm and I envy their energy.

I love that our eldest of my sons is a carbon copy of his dad, our middle son has my eyes and I love that the youngest is nearly bald at 7 months old; he takes after Charlie Brown.

I love having the honor of modeling for them qualities of a God-honoring lady. One day they will need to know a “good woman when they see one.”

I love teaching them how to treat a woman.

I love their tenderheartedness.  There is something priceless about a snuggle from one of my little men.

IMG_0602I love their compliments.  What girl wouldn’t like to be called “Pretty Lady” on a regular basis?

I love it when they show interest in “pretties” and play dress-up with my jewelry because they are not old enough to realize what is commonly considered feminine vs masculine.

I love it when they pick me way-side flowers.

I love the joy that erupts from their beings every time they hop in the bathtub.  Their squeals of laughter fill me up.

DSCN6605 I love watching my little fellas emulate their daddy (affectionately called Pappi) and “work” alongside him in the garage.

This list could wrap around the block, but I think I’ll end while there is still peace in my living room as the boys are napping.  So, lastly, I love that with each child God gifts me, I am enjoying motherhood more.  The adjustment to parenthood was not easy, at times it was downright snarly.

For those of you mommas who are in the throws of first-time parenthood, take heart. As unbelievable as it may seem, I think it does get easier even with more children wreaking havoc in your living room.  The experience you gain in that first year with your first child is irreplaceable.   So, by all means, please pat yourself on the back, look in the mirror and give yourself the compliment you deserve.  What a journey you are on!  What is it that YOU love about being a momma?  What little delights do your children bring your way?

About the Author:

Talitha lives in Sandy, Oregon with her husband, Andy, and their three sons, Micah, Levi and Jireh. She loves to keep in touch withScreen Shot 2013-04-29 at 9.20.25 AM friends through the “old fashioned art” of letter writing~the kind that requires a visit to the post office for unique stamps.  After living overseas, her heart is an eclectic mix of East African, Japanese and North American cultures. A few activities on her bucket list are skydiving and feeding sharks from inside a shark cage: she on the inside, they on the outside! For the Oregonians on the planet, she is in love with a Dutch Bros Iced Kicker and for the rest of the world, she relishes a Starbucks Iced Toffee Nut Latte, unless it is terribly cold outside, then a White Chocolate Mocha will do quite well.


4 thoughts on “Mommy Mayhem: Finding the Little Blessings

  1. Love! I can’t agree more, being a first time mom (miss Evelyn is now 14months!) Is sometimes more than frightening! Natural instincts amaze me -like the first fall that resulted in a bloody lip, i went straight to the freezer for a popsicle for keeping that fat lip miniscule! You ARE one awesome mom, keep it up!

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