Mommy Mayhem

Mommy MayhemI’m so excited to announce that for the next several weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, I will be posting a series of blogs from friends and family and woman who are in various stages of mommy hood to share struggles, joys, and lessons that God is teaching them as they journey through the crazy mayhem of the everyday life as a mom. I’m hoping that you, like me, are encouraged that their are woman in the trenches up to their eyeballs with kids and chores and that God is shaping them just as He is for you. My request is that you my readers to comment and encourage the women who have so boldly opened up their lives for God’s glory, but also because its raw and its real, and that’s not always easy!

If you would like to submit a guest blog–please email me at ashleynchambers @ gmail. com (no spaces) for details!

Stick around….and keep checking in! I can’t help but squeal with excitement. I’ve been editing away….and trust me, it’s gonna be good!!!


3 thoughts on “Mommy Mayhem

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