Saturday Suggestions 3/30/13 edition

Anyone else feel like this might’ve been a very very weird week? Okay, so maybe it’s just me.

On Thursday morning, I had surgery and had my gallbladder and 

an umbilical hernia removed. For a SAHM (stay at home mom), being out of commission means a whole lot of crazy things. For one…the stress of “getting my house together” for other people to take on ALL my regular duties and caring for my children. Then the surgery itself, and the dirty looks from my kids (I’m convinced they hate me right now) because mommy cannot hold them or ‘nuggle as my girls say. I wrote about the blessings and the beauty Jesus is teaching me as I sit back and watch my world operate with me having very little interaction. Check it out here. 

Then, we had a week full of FB overload of gay/anti-gay marriage propaganda from both sides. Here’s some great articles I read this week talking about how my words, actions and posture should be during this whole debate enraging our country:

7 Questions for Christians to Ask about the Gay Marriage Debate by Relevant Magazine

In the Basement by Jen Hatmaker <—-written during the chick-fil-A debate, but pertains to now

The Basement Manifesto by Jen Hatmaker <—–follow up to the basement posting clarifying and sharing her heart about the basement during the debate again.

The Gospel is NOT a Behavior Control Program by Relevant Magazine

Then, in the midst of all these happenings…it’s Holy Week. We celebrated Good Friday (we also refer to it as sad friday) with our small group of friends over dinner, scripture and communion. It was a beautiful reminder of the blessings and the undeserving act Jesus committed on my behalf.

Here’s a few Holy Week postings to check out:

In Which we Leave a Little Room by Sarah Bessey

Maundy Thursday and The Love Mandate by Rev. Emily Heath at Huffington Post

A Broken Hallelujah by Jen Hatmaker <——THIS!

Other Miscellaneous Good Stuff:

So you Want to Be a Disney Princess by Mischief Managed 

The Slacker Moms Guide to Easter Egg Dying by Kristin Howerton at Rage Against the Minivan <——-Can I get an Amen?

How are you spending Holy Week? What do you do to celebrate or commemorate Christ’s death and resurrection?


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