Saturday Suggestions 3/16/13 Edition

Sorry, these haven’t been being posted lately (okay maybe I’m not sorry life’s been busy) but I’m doing it today even though I haven’t read much this week (LATE is better than never):

Here are my picks:

On Parenting:

To Parents of Small Children: Let me be the One to Say it Outloud by The Actual Pastor <—-tears falling down my cheeks.

so.needed.this. READ it. Not Joking.


On Faith:

In Which God does not Want to Use Me by Sarah Bessey <——- THIS!

Omgosh, I just read this and need to say a resounding AMEN! WOW. I won’t even give you a synopsis…just read it. 🙂

Here Come The Radicals! by Matthew Lee Anderson at Christianity Today

Comfortable Christianity is loosing its footing….can I get an AMEN? It’s about time!

Get Your Dance ON! by Joseph Chambers

A Challenge to look at Jesus with longing and excitement in our eyes!

On Living Life: The American Dream by Carly at Chambers Chaos <—–okay so I’m promoting this again, but it’s good AND challenging.




Cole (My hubby’s picks) I’m serious…this man reads:

It’s Okay to Call Yourself a Christian by Lilian Daniel at Relevant Magazine

When we lie about Praying for Others: 7 Thoughts by Thom S. Rainer


What have you read online or otherwise that has hit you where it counts?



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