Frenzied Family #3: Silence Explained, sort of.

This is both a post in the Frenzied Family series and an explanation, I suppose. If you’ve been reading long, you know that I have had a silence on posting lately. Which isn’t normal for me. Mostly, because, writing is a method to overcome the chaos.

But, after a month of illness, (one kid per week), overwhelming amounts of laundry (thanks stomach flu), a broken dryer, a ridiculously messy house, and exhaustion from no sleep for the past month. I’m taking a brief hiatus from writing to recoup emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.

My hubby and I are heading to Austin, TX to attend the Verge Conference 2013 and are hanging out to reconnect, energy up, and relax (how conveniently planned) and de-stress.

I’m hoping to come back a whole new sleeping (literally) beauty.

So, to tie this into my Frenzied Family Series, I just want to add that sometimes we have to cut out some stuff and recoup and make it a priority for ourselves and our families….so I’m putting it into practice.

Can’t wait to write more soon!


Can you relate?




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