Frenzied Family #2: Turn it off.



“Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Cadie just threw up in bed again…I need towels”, “I just want sleep. Why can’t these kids just sleep?”, “Cole, your turn, this is the first time my feet have actually been in the covers tonight”.

These are the 4 a.m. conversations we’ve been having lately. Sadly, it’s been like this all during the day too. We’ve been in the midst of the stomach flu (extra perk of being thrown up on: somedays I got at least a shower a day, sometimes two) , teething still (I officially hate teeth), and deep cleaning (and re-cleaning, and re-recleaning). It’s been a GREAT week!

Frankly, I’ve had enough. And, I’d really like to spend some quality time with my kids that don’t involve fevers or throwing up, ya know?

So, usually, when these weeks happen…we rely (more than I’d like to admit) on television, etc for entertaining our worn out brain fried selves.

I hate that. But, I can’t muster enough energy to do anything else. Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 12.44.15 PM

A few months ago, my hubby instigated a weekly no electronics 24 hour period.

We usually pick a day and time to start and then go for 24 hours without the use of ANY media. No texting, internet, television, video games etc. We make a few exceptions: phone calls are okay AND the radio is alright. But, other than that…nothing.

You know what’s nice? Reading with my hubby, running through the house like banshees with my kiddos, getting EXTRA projects crossed off my list, making a dinner completely from scratch and MOSTLY enjoying my family to its fullest. I have come to appreciate these days and long for them each week. Please hear me, its not that we don’t do things regularly or over obsess with “keeping” up, but it’s nice to fully unplug from the world and become completely unavailable.

This week, I’m especially thankful for the great “unplug”. It allowed my hubby and I to reconnect in the midst of all the crazy. My brain was fried, emotionally I was a mess, and as an introvert I just want to hide in a hole, so we turned it all off. And just “were”.

And it was nice.

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What do you do to reconnect with your spouse or family? Have you ever given up media for any length of time?

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