Quick and Easy CHEAP Homemade Broth–(Vegetable and Meat)

Many of you know that my son is allergic to just about everything. (And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING) which means that we have to make a lot of things from scratch. Store bought broth frequently has something in them he can’t have, which means that even our vegetable broth, chicken or beef broth has to be made from well…scratch. IMAG0581

I figured this was a time-consuming process. And I’d have to have a ton of things….Was I ever wrong!

I kind of wondered why I hadn’t started making my “free” broth sooner.

Let me explain: Broth is simply made from “stewing” leftover parts of meals and some spices you already have….so it’s completely FREE.

Here’s my recipes:

IMAG0553Vegetable Broth Ingredients: 

Place a Large plastic container or gallon Ziploc bag in your freezer, when you are done peeling carrots, chopping onions, slicing tomatoes, cutting celery, peeling/cutting potatoes, chopping peppers, etc. Any vegetables work, however, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc) are very potent and will overwhelm with flavor so its better not to use them. Put all your “garbage” pieces in the bag. That’s right–but all the peels, ends, celery butts, stems, leaves, etc. Into your bag. When it’s full–you are officially ready to begin your “broth” making.

Meat Broth Ingredients:

For Beef/Turkey/Chicken “Bone-In”–Take all the bones and “leftover” pieces like the fat, etc and place on a flat roasting pan. Bake on 400 degrees until browned. Once browned, place bones, fat, and any “roasting juice” in the bottom of the pan and place in a large stockpot. Place some vegetable scraps (See veggie broth ingredients) and add water to fill the stockpot. When it’s full–you are officially ready to begin your “broth” making.

For Beef/Turkey/Chicken “Boneless”–Take 1 lb of meat and add vegetable pieces or scraps (see veggie broth ingredients) water to fill the stockpot. (This actually may cost more money since it is actual meat and not the “leftovers”) When its full you are officially ready to begin your “broth” making.

Broth Making Steps-

Next, fill the largest stock pot you have full of water and all the “leftovers”. Add a whole lot of salt, pepper, and seasonings of choice. Trust me…you really probably can’t over season. I have yet to do it and Oren always exclaims, “Mom…thats so much”. Some of my faves are poultry seasoning, basil, parsley. I suppose if I were to calculate out…I’d add 1/8 cup total seasoning. IMAG0576

“Stew” all ingredients on medium on the stove for 2-4 hours OR you can use the crockpot and through it all in on LOW for 6-8 or HIGH for 3-4.

Next, place a large bowl or additional container and using a strain pour the broth into the strainer. It will strain out all IMAG0578the yucky’s and you will be left with a whole lot of rich flavorful broth.

See additional notes below for “extra” steps if you want a variety of different broth options.

At this point–you probably have a lot of broth and won’t need a “stockpot” size amount anytime soon. I grab some canning jars and fill 3/4 (both large and small) for different recipes. You can “measure” specific amounts–most recipes call for 2-4 cups.  Then freeze jars.

When you are ready to use–you can boil jar in hot water or take the lid off and microwave it to defrost. Then, voila, you have broth on demand 🙂


Additional things to note:

If you want more concentrated broth, allow the broth to boil down further before canning.

If you want straight “store bought” concentration–the water will boil down slightly, you may after straining add additional water and let simmer additional 30 min.

For lower fat meat broths, refrigerate for 2-4 hours before freezer canning. The fat will cool on top of the stockpot and you can remove the fat, then you can divide and freeze the liquid portion.

What are some money/time saving things you do around your house?

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One thought on “Quick and Easy CHEAP Homemade Broth–(Vegetable and Meat)

  1. I always use the crockpot to make mine and I’ve wondered why I didn’t do it sooner too! Most of the time I will buy a whole roasting chicken and roast it myself, however I decide that night. That gives us at least two dinners with just the shredded chicken. Then I put all the bones and fat in my large crockpot along with veggies, poultry seasoning and black pepper (don’t do salt so I can control the salt in the dish I use the broth for). Then I fill with water and let cook on low all night. I also strain into mason jars and freeze. I need to start saving my veggie “throw-aways” like you though!

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