Happy Birthday to my Hubby (18-21)

I’m a little behind on my praise pact days. But, just between us, its because I’ve been saving them up to share until today. I asked Oren, “Do you know what today is?”

He said, “Halloween? I love Halloween there’s lots of candy. And I only have to say Trick-or-treat!”

I responded, “No-not Halloween. What else did we say was coming besides halloween?” (Thankful he hasn’t yet realized Halloween came and went and we did nothing for it this year)

Oren, “HMMMM…..so its not Halloween, but I’m sure it’s good because you’re excited (very smart observation here)…oh I know: IT’S DADA’S BIRTHDAY. Yes! Cake!”

Although, Cole does not like birthday’s to be made into a big deal with a big party or plans. He is a celebrated person daily around the Chambers house and he deserves a little recognition as to why we like to celebrate his birthday–and as Oren so keenly observed it makes me happy to be able to.

I am thankful that everyday at approximately 5:00 p.m. the sound of the car entering the driveway, bring about a small party here. All our kids run, jump, crawl, and scream with jubilee, “Dada’s home!!!”

Daddy being home means that my kids have a giant playmate who takes them on adventurous races, tight rope walks, leaps from skyscrapers, motorcycle rides, the creates dance routines, and journeys through the jungle. And at the end of these make-believe adventures, there’s a man sitting on the couch with his arms full of four beautiful blessings, sharing that there’s an even better daddy waiting to take them on an even bigger and better adventure.

I’m thankful that my husband serves his family unconditionally. He works all day tirelessly to provide, and then often comes home and help wrangle the animals (I mean children) to shove the necessary nutrients into their bellies, get their pj’s on, and conquer bedtime. Then even on top of that, he’ll even clean up dinner, sweep the floors, wash some dishes, and let mom relax in a shower.

I’m thankful that I have the privilege to have someone who loves my kids unconditionally. Who sits with me and watches them grow and change with as much anticipation and glee as I have. I’m thankful that we can laugh and enjoy the process of raising kids and not let it come between us and pull us apart, but make it grow us together and deepen our friendship and love.

As a more guarded logical person, I feel like sometimes I dont’ do a very good job of articulating my appreciation for this, but I am very thankful that my husband is a man who feels deeply and is willing to share those feelings openly. By watching his compassion for the hurt, the lost, the outsiders of a culture and watching it break his heart breaks mine because I know that that unique personality trait is a gift. God has used my husband to not just sit with the hurt, but feel what they feel. To place himself in their shoes, and I am lucky to be able to watch and understand what a gift that really is. 

I love that at the end of the day and at the beginning of the most horrible day, my husband is an encourager. He will always reminds me that I can trust in God’s strength and it will carry me to make it. I love that he blesses me with cheerful words and believes in me deeply. When I’m feeling like my college degree’d brain has been full of nothing but gibberish and baby talk-he reminds me that it’s still going to the best most worthwhile things.

I’m thankful for his friendship and that even in the biggest argument, my best friend is still in there challenging me on my choices not because he’s being selfish but because he knows its not what I want for myself or God’s best for me.

I’m thankful that even when I’m a hot mess. My clothes are full of baby vomit, this mornings pancake batter, I haven’t showered, I’ve been a royal crank, and I’ve been yelling, crying, and otherwise pulling out my hair, my hubby still loves me and tells me I’m beautiful because I’ve been working HARD all day and that is far more beautiful than the rest of it.

Although, I’d love to take all the credit for the things I write on my blog, Cole really is the one who deserves most of the credit and I’m thankful that he feels honored that I share them. The things I write about are usually based on the discussions were having at home. The things were learning together. The things we are challenging ourselves to do, rethink, and creatively love about our life together. 

All these things are great, and I love him more because of them, but do know my favorite thing about him, the thing I celebrate the most? I celebrate the fact that his beliefs about God are more than just words. He talks a lot of great things, but even more so, he lives out what he says. His day to day routine, and the goings on speak more about the heart he than 25,000 words could. Just by watching him interact with others, love the un-loveables, seek truth and knowledge, pray for those around us, and seek Christ with deep conviction and treat all people with grace has challenged me to live better and to live differently along side him.

I know that I am a blessed woman. I could really thank God daily for the man that he placed in my life 13 years ago and who I said, “I do” to at the altar almost 7 years ago, but today I’m hoping that above everything, Cole feels that his life is celebrated.

Will you celebrate him with me and comment how thankful you are for him too?


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Hubby (18-21)

  1. I’m kind of slow. It has taken me a while it realize how powerful and important words are to me.

    Your words are better then any gift I could receive. Thank you for knowing me better then I know myself.

  2. When i met cole surprisingly he was very quiet. I confused this with “shy and phlegmatic”. then one early sunday morning he shared a devotion time and poured out his heart for the Lord. i was flabberghasted (sp?) he talks? His willingness to share his “walk” with God was amazing. He shed light where others dared not. He called out hypocrisy when others might have avoided it. He shared the absolute brokeness of a young married new father in need of Gods wisdom. I have been praying since; that God would make a pastor out of Him and Ashley. I love the fact that he is not afraid to tackle the tough issues like political irrationality (is that a word?) I love that he is willing to question tradition in the church as Christ also did. I love that when we were dying in pain over our son’s addiction and crying out for prayer he called it a privelege to pray for him. He “sees” God at work, not a disgusting filthy addict knee deep in sin. His faith and desire to walk the talk, make others strive to be better Christians. He has a super cool family and a wife who makes this very sick, shut in, bed ridden, lady’s day – every day.
    Keep hope alive Cole. Dont ever lose that Zeal.
    God bless you as you are celebrated for giving another year to others. So proud you are loving your family as Christ loved the church. Good Job!
    Looking forward to a nelson/chambers reunion soon. Joey would love to jamm. He says to add he loved the years of “worship time” with the newlywed chambers. what sweet vocals.
    thanks for blessing others Cole, Happy Birthday.
    Thank You Ashley for reminding us to celebrate Him.
    The stofles

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