I voted (17)

I voted and placed my ballot in the box. I’m not entirely excited about my vote, nor the candidates represented on the ticket this election year.

ImageToday, although I’m not original in saying this, I’m thankful for being able to take that pen and cross off a choice, my choice for who I believe will run the country the best. I’m thankful that in this nation, I personally get to do that not only as a citizen, but also as a woman. Both are absent still in many nations.

I’m thankful that regardless of my choice, or any other choice, that Jesus still wins. That he can use whomever He wants to accomplish His glory.

I’m thankful that whoever gets elected tomorrow political ads will stop and my mailbox will stop being a junk drop off for all these flyers!

I’ll end with this thankful: I’m thankful for little people and their “political” discussions.

Oren (my 5 yr old son), “I’m voting for the president, because he’s already president”.

Abby (my 7 yr old sister), “Well…Mitt Romney lowers taxes and Obama raises taxes, so I’m voting for Romney”.

Oren, “Well…its a good thing then that I don’t have to listen to you or Mitt Hominy because I don’t have to have taxes.”


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