Praise Pact: Day 6

This is my praise pact day 6.

I’m thankful for real community. I’m thankful that this week when I needed prayer, my friends, family and church family were willing to pray and did. I’m thankful that I am able to share my heart with them–the deep places that sometimes hurt and the places that normally are shut off to vulnerability. I’m thankful that I never feel like I have to falsely say, “it’s been a good day”, but that when it is truly a good day I have people celebrating with me. I’m thankful that there are people in my world who show up and bless me even when I never asked. I’m thankful that there are people who are wiling to lovingly challenge me to be better and to encourage me to do so. I’m thankful that they also are willing to share their vulnerabilities and let me bless them by allowing me to show up in their lives. I’m thankful that I get to laugh with them and cry with them and share in both the joy and grief that sometimes accompanies life.


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