The Praise Pact

I am re-reading a book called “A Good and Beautiful God” by James Bryan Smith with my small group. In the third chaper, he challenges readers to think about their life differently. He quotes author George Buttrick, where a lecturer held up a white piece of paper with a black dot in the middle and asked them what they saw. All the business men replied, “a black blot” and failed to see an expanse of white paper. He then reminds us that we see our lives similarly. Even while we have many blessings and things to be thankful for, sometimes all we focus on is the black blot and we fail to give thanks to God for our expanse of good things. His challenge for his readers is to live a life of thankfulness by creating a list of things big and small that we are thankful for.

I have previously listed a few “thankfuls, but really from that point on, I really failed to keep the praises flowing from my life. So this time, I’m challenging myself to a year long “praise pact”. I’m going to think of something daily whether its a complaint of my circumstances or just something small or large that I’m thankful for and I’m going to write it down, here, on the blog. One (at least) everyday.

I’d like to challenge you to do the same. Use your facebook status or the comment section under my daily thankful. And keep up with me. Let’s be thankful and praise God daily for the big, and the mundane in our lives.

To be honest, I’m on day 2. Here’s my first two praises:

Day 1: I’m thankful for giggling. Oren and Judah are giggling underneath the table because judah is trying to suck a bottle and oren pulled it out and it makes a popping noise. Which judah finds hilarious. Oren keeps doing it and they are giggling hysterically.

Day 2: I’m thankful for endless amounts of laundry, as weird as that is… Laundry means I am dressed with warm clothes and have running water and I’m not traveling miles a day to my water source. It means that on cold days, me and my kids are still warm. It means that we are blessed with the ability to choose what clothes to wear on any given day. It means that this “curse” is really just a responsibility for many blessings that I often overlook.

What are you thankful for today?


6 thoughts on “The Praise Pact

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  6. ahh, finally got around to reading what this praise pact is about and I’m definitely in!! This last week has been kinda the same with being grateful for laundry and dishes bc we have clothes and food, friends who share baby clothes, money for groceries, the sense to not feed our family pizza and McDonalds for the sake of less mess AND I am feeling well enough to stand in the kitchen/laundry room without my back giving out or a belly bumping into everything!!
    Thank you for the inspiration to give thanks to God for all we have. It’s a good reminder for who blessed us, humbling to think about 🙂

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