A pledge to my Sister

I’ve realized this week, that I have failed my sister deeply. I have not been a great big sister. I have not looked out for her best interest because I struggled to speak truth with grace into her life. I beat around the bush, when I should’ve been bold and straightforward. This is my pledge to her-


To my sister:

I love you. I know you are broken-hearted right now and have realized some hard truths about love and life, and really about yourself. I think that this next phase can be one in which you thank God for. Learn to love Jesus which is something you’ve said you wanted, love yourself (meaning grow and challenge your heart and work through some things), then learn to love someone else because you have put in the work to learn to love the things that help you love someone else good.

You are worth more than you’ve chosen for yourself this far. You are worthy of someone who will date you well, love you better, and someone who will seek what’s right for you and will respect and create healthy boundaries for your heart. YOU REALLY ARE. I know it seems like that person doesn’t exist, but they do. It takes work and building the right relationship and waiting.

But, I’ll hang out and wait with you and help you to learn about Jesus and about yourself. I’ll pledge to speak up, to defend your heart and to help protect it–because you have asked me to do it.  I want you to be successful and have a wonderful healthy relationship with a wonderful healthy person–who has also put in the time with Jesus and himself to offer you something you are worthy of.

 I’m sorry for not standing up for and demanding your honor sooner, for being apathetic and not saying what needed to be said for fear of the awkwardness it might create between us. I’m sorry for not saying that you were better than the choices you were making. But, now be prepared, because I will speak up. I will challenge you. I will ask you hard questions as you seek to heal your heart.
 And, if you keep choosing to do the same stupid things…well, don’t be surprised if I come in and get in your face about it 🙂

Love ya-Ash (&Mada too)




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