Mother’s Day Blog

Thanks Wikipedia for cute image To any of all my blog followers, as you can tell Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I am a mom so I write about mom stuff. I’d love to be able to showcase mom’s during the entire month of May.

So, I’m going to be asking each and every one of you to send me in a mom that deserves to be recognized for all the hard work she does. This can be your mom, your aunt, your wife whose a mom, your friend (also a mom), your step mom, your friend’s mom (okay, you get the point–basically, a mom).

All I need you to do is to email me: chambers chaos @ gmail dot com (without the spaces) a picture of your nomination and a brief blurb 500 words or less about why you want to recognize this mom. Depending on how many moms I get nominated these could be published for the month, weekly or even daily during the month of May.

I am requesting all nominations to try to be in on or before May 5, but if you send me before the end of the month of May, I could sneak it in there it just gives me less time to figure out which moms will be posted during what timeframe.

I’d love to showcase all sorts of different moms!




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