Cultivating Thankfulness

As I mentioned in my last blog The Game, right now I’m trying to cultivate thankfulness for the many wonderful things God is doing in my life. I’m also reading “A Good and Beautiful God” by James Brian Smith and he challenges us to “Soul Train” ourselves by doing a different thing each week (I’ll post a book review later). This weeks challenge is to make a list of mundane things we are thankful that we usually overlook in our life. Cole (my husband) and I are planning on posting these in our house in a visible spot and adding to them for our own benefit. IF you come over and notice lists of things all over our house…well…we’ve just decided were going to be thankful for a lot of things

Here’s my list of things I’m thankful for:

  • the ability to read
  • Cole teaching our kids God’s ways
  • unexpected surprises
  • having coffee made for me in the morning
  • friends that show up when life gets hard
  • a bouquet of flowers
  • a running car
  • smell of fresh laundry
  • sleeping in a freshly made bed
  • dirty summer feet
  • Oren’s logic and sense of humor
  • Cadie’s gap toothed smile and ability to conquer things by sheer determination
  • Addie’s sensitivity and view of the world
  • Judah cuddling and cooing
  • my husbands passion and character
  • sunshine breaking through the curtains
  • a great song blaring in the car
  • 1940’s music
  • the smell of snow
  • showers (come on they are amazing)
  • patterned socks
  • waking up on my own
  • freshly painted toenails
  • sleeping babies
  • my husbands affection
  • my dad’s hands
  • my dad’s heart
  • my mom’s service to her family (or anyone really)
  • mada’s friendship
  • Juicy’s sense of humor
  • Abby’s inquisitive mind
  • my kids laughing
  • Daniel’s affection for my sister
  • my in laws encouragement
  • my kids grandparents
  • strong marriages
  • candles flickering
  • the smell of dinner in the oven
  • a good glass of wine
  • German food
  • a really good donut
  • alone time
  • silence
  • the mess of my kids after a day of solid play
  • great memories
  • a hard workout
  • Jayme faces
  • my kids meeting me at the door when I’ve only been gone for 10 min
  • writing
  • a good thrift store find
  • catching up over coffee
  • excitement and eagerness to learn
  • a great novel
  • a good cry
  • Clint’s sense of humor
  • Caleb’s servant heart

I have a lot to be thankful for, what mundane things are you thankful for that you often overlook?


2 thoughts on “Cultivating Thankfulness

  1. I’m slightly emotional these days especially when it comes to finding the beauty in just being able to sit down, slow down and soak in my surroundings. A small mundane everday occurance that I *may* say is so wierd, but I silently enjoy it.. is the face my husband makes as he puts his deoderant on (yes.. a specific face!) I look forward to it every morning and looking at him as he makes that silly facial expression as if its a difficult task and requires concentration. I know the reason I look forward to it: it lightens my mood and reminds me that even the little things in life are worth enjoying, as “weird” as they are.

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