Sanity Saving Tip #1 Dinners with Friends

Be a Help for New Moms:A few months ago, my moms group got together to make meals for new moms. We each brought ingredients to make 5 freezer meals and assembled them together. The 5 of us made 25 meals to deliver to new moms and their families to bless them over the next few months. Great idea right? I think so.

My friend sky cutting veggies for recipes

Takin it one step further:I was frantically searching the fridge for something quick to feed my kids during dinnertime (the craziest time of the day). Normally, my husband Cole is just walking in the back door, two little girls are running through the house mouth wide open expelling a “wahhh” sound, my son Oren is repeatedly saying, “I’m hungry can I have (insert insanely unhealthy food option here)”, and always without fail my newborn is informing me via screaming that he is ready for some breast milk. I pull out something fast, rarely healthy, and serve it up because the home cooked meal I had planned just couldn’t get pulled together. I thought, “gosh it’d sure be nice to have some frozen meals” Light bulb!

Chicken w/Tomato and Basil, steamed broccolini, and grilled purple potatoes. YUM!

So, I remembered what we did for new moms and I got together three friends. We each brought ingredients for 3 meals: potato soup, turkey garden sloppy joes, and chicken w/basil and tomato. We walked away with 3 meals for our freezers. We put them in food saver packaging,but really freezer safe ziploc bags would’ve worked. And voila! dinner: easy, simple, healthy, fast!

Our Family ate the Chicken meal a few days later with some steamed broccolini, grilled purple potatoes, and I got dinner out in under 15 minutes. Brilliant!


5 thoughts on “Sanity Saving Tip #1 Dinners with Friends

  1. I made dinner last night which is a huge deal since I normally put miscellaneous items on a plate and call it good. So making dinner is pretty big thing. Step 1 get home from work, Step 2 decide what to make, Step 3 go to the store and get missing items, Step 4 do dishes, step 5 cook/wait and then the last step which is eat. After its all said and done it was 8pm before we ate.

    This would be very heplful to any mom. I don’t remember the mom to mom lessons my mother tried to give me on how to plan and shop of more than two days. Maybe I can get some tips on that portion of things. Saving time on one of these step would gain me more time with my family! Thanks!

  2. I am a huge fan of the crockpot for this very reason. I often try to have dinner made by 10 in the morning, because late afternoon/evening is CRAZY, just like you say.

    I remember when you planned this meal prep day. Didn’t work for me that time, but I’m eagerly waiting for you to plan another! 🙂

    • Nicole- The crockpot and me have become buddies a few nights a week 🙂 I can’t wait for you to join us as well. It’ll be awesome to have more than 3 people. Then we can have a full week or two of meals in our freezer! How cool would that be!

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