I’m not new to blogging, but as you can tell by the title my life is crazy so keep watching I’ll be posting my first blog over the next couple days. Happy Reading!


4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I love this. Thank you for sharing. God has been dealing with my pride lately, too, and this is encouraging to hear as a new mama. When other moms ask me standard “mama” questions regarding sleep, breast feeding, etc… I always want to respond with how great things are going because I want to appear great and appear to be doing everything right. I may fail to mention my reality that was the seven times Lola woke up crying in the middle of the night. As moms we need to remember to relate to one another and build each other up. Nicely written.:)

  2. Thank you for writing this. I’m a member of Joe and Lynette’s church so I hear a bit about your family but I often wonder how in the world you do it all!!! We’ll be adding our third child under 3 this Summer, so I look forward to reading more 🙂
    It’s much easier to be strong when we take the time to be around other mothers, maybe that is true for online too during busier days.
    Thanks again

    • Allison–Thanks for stopping by! Being with other moms is a huge huge huge blessing and one I highly recommend. Online works, but I suggest to find some to share life with over coffee. Personal relationships and someone to help you and you help them through the trenches of day to day life is where the most growth and satisfaction comes. Not to mention we won’t be alone. I find my most frustration comes from trying to do it alone, we were made for community!

    you said
    “He rescued my soul. Healed brokenness. And I, in the midst of trying to minister to other moms by offering my house, was doing the very opposite of ministering to them. I was hiding the truth of my life and the beautiful mess given to me by the maker of all beautiful messes.”
    My first thought to all mommys of babies and toddlers is “shame off you!”
    Ashley, I watch you in amazement wondering how you do it. Forgetting that He knew who He was giving them to, when, how and for what purpose. This blog, is in itself, a purpose. How many women will be blessed to hear “shame off” them.
    I believe it is time for people to realize the emphasis on stay home mothers having “more time” than working mothers to keep the house “perfect” is a big fat joke. 1st of all when I worked which wasnt until jake was in first grade, my house was – way- cleaner. No one was there to mess it up. 2nd I did not have more energy at home I had less. My grand daughter (with me from birth most hours of the day) and toddler of my own, along with a tazmanian Jason (home schooled K and 1st grade) created hurricanes and tornados I simply could not keep up with. I always had lists and chore charts and seating arrangements and star charts and stickies everywhere, but the endless mess and clutter was unsurmountable. Who told us it has to be clean? Have you ever seen a preschool, during just story time? There are torn books, spilled tissues, half eaten chalk. Everywhere!
    You are a wonderful example of a Godly wife, mother and the rest of us need to see your humanity. We need to see you are not perfect. We need to know that we are not so far behind someone so great at what you’re doing. I had this one lady who, I always said, I wanted to be “when I grew up” spotless house, perfectly clean children, Bible teacher, Perfect wife, Skinny and Pretty. But I realized there were parts of her life I did not want. You are who I would want to be when I grow up. A wonderful example of a surrendered life.
    Of course Im a grandma of four now. oops.
    Thank you for being real ashley
    Thank you for giving mothers a real live look at Gods grace.
    Than you for chamberschaos!

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